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Wir sind Naturgenuss-Gastgeber

Leisure activities & tourist destinations

  • Walking

We are situated in the beautiful countryside named rheinischer Westerwald, the village lies within the nature park Rhein-Westerwald. The area with its gentle hills, lovely valleys and beautiful forests is ideal for walking. It´s a winderful region for nature lovers. Should you prefer more ambitious rambling you will find the walking trail Westerwald-Steig within easy distance.


What´s more:

  •  Fishing opportunities at the river Wied and a couple of fishing parks
  • Several riding facilities
  • Shooting ranges


  • Golf course

The golf course in Eitorf (27-hole course and 6-hole-course) is only a 15 minutes’ drive away and can be used by our guests.


  • Museum of Natural & Cultural History, basalt and railway Asabch

The museum keeps the memory of Germanys first public transport narrow-gauge railway “Bröltalbahn“ alive. This railway had great influence on the further development of narrow-gauge railways in rural areas and for the transport of natural resources.

Further information:


  • Botanical garden in Bonn


Find more destinations for a day trip here:

Königswinter - Siebengebirge - Drachenfels


The Siebengebirge, its nature and its past present themselves most impressively to the visitor who takes the cog railway to the top of the Drachenfels. Fun, nature and history are as closely related here as nowhere else.

Castle Ruin Drachenfels

Foto: © Frank Rosskoss / pixelio


The Drachenfels ("Dragon's Rock) is a hill in the Siebengebirge uplands between Königswinter and Bad Honnef. The ruined castle Burg Drachenfels, on the summit of the hill, dates from 1138 and has been destroyed in the 17th century.

Castle Drachenburg

Foto: © Günter Hommes  / pixelio

The neogothic castle Schloss Drachenburg (the Dragon’s Castle) – a mixture of villa, mansion and castle on the Drachenfels in Königswinter – was built in 1882. Don´t miss this stunning attraction.


Cog railway Drachenfels

Foto: Tohma / Wikipedia


The cog railway leading to the top of the Drachenfels was put into operation in the summer of 1883. Now, more than 125 years later, the entire complex has been rebuilt.


Sea Live Aquarium


An amazing underwater world with more than 2,000 creatures living in incredible themed habitats.