Opening times:

Wednesday to Saturday
17:30 – 22:00

11:30 – 15:00
17:30 – 22:00

Food orders
Lunchtime until 13:45
Dinner until 21:00

Book a table: +49 2683 - 7230

differing opening hours

Closed until 27.07.2019 because of renovation

Tuesday, 13.08.2019 first day of school, open for lunch



We offer delicious dishes using daily delivered fresh products and local ingredients.

Countyside dishes ...

Wiener Veal-Schnitzel in Herb Coating
Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb in der Kräuterpanade

Lemon, Capers, Anchovies, French Fries and Salad

22,50 €

Medallions of Pork Tenderloin
Medaillons vom Schweinefilet
Yoghurt Sauce, Fettucine Noodles
21,50 €

Turkey Breast
Roasted Turkey Breast Steaks on Summer Vegetables with Mashed Potatoes
18,90 €


Tomatoe Soup
with Basil Pesto
5,50 € 

Beef Broth
Rinderkraftbrühe mit Markbällchen
with Marrow Dumplings and Vegetables
5,80 €

Warm and cold Starters

Spicily Gratinated Mild Sheep´s Cheese
Milder Schafskäse aus dem Ofen, pikant überbacken
with Olive Oil, Herbs, Garlic, Pepperoni Pepper and Tomatoes
8,90 €

Baked Mushrooms
Gebackene Champignons
with Garlic Mayonnaise
7,50 €

Beef Fillet Carpaccio
Carpaccio vom Rinderfilet

with Grated Parmesan and Cherrytomatoes
11,90 €

Golden Roasted Barbecue Cheese
Goldgelb gebratener Grillkäse

on Fruity Ratatouille Vegetables with Mediterranean Herbs
9,50 €

... as a Starter or Snack

Sweet Potatoe Fries with a Dip of Your Choice
Süßkartoffel-Pommes mit Dip nach Wahl
... whole Milk Yoghurt Dip, Cucumbers, Chives 4,90 €
... Curry-Mayo-Dip, Mustard, Lime, Curry 4,90 €

Salads ... healthy, light and fresh

Small Mixed Salad with Slices of fresh French Bread
Bunter Salatteller mit Baguettescheiben
7,50 €

Mixed Salad with Strips of Turkey Breast
Bunter Salatteller mit Putenbruststreifen
12,90 €

Mixed Salad with Roasted Mushrooms
Bunter Salatteller mit gebackenen Champignons
12,90 €

With all salads we will serve you freshly baked baguette.

Light Spring Dishes

Mixed Salad with Rumpsteak, Herb Butter
Salatteller mit Rumpsteak, Kräuterbutter

21,50 €

Mixed Salad with Fried Salmon in Spiced Olive Oil
Salatteller mit gebratenem Lachs in gewürztem Olivenöl
with Dressing of Your Choice: Balsamic, Cream & Chives, Vinaigrette


Vegetarian Dishes

Tagliatelle and Rocket with Roasted Pine Nuts
Tagliatelle und Ruccola mit gerösteten Pinienkernen

Cherry Tomatoes and Northern German Cottage Cheese
13,50 €

Oven Baked Potatoes ...

Baked Potatoes with Herbs and Himalayan Salt
Folienkartoffel auf Kräutern und Himalaya Salz
with House-Dip and Mixed Salad
12,90 €

Or with a Topping of Your Choice:

... Roasted Salmon Chunks, Onions, Garlic, Herbs 15,50 €
... mit gebratenen Lachswürfeln

... Strips of Turkey Breast, Onions, Herbs 14,50 €
... mit gebratenen Putenstreifen

Delicious Country-Style Kitchen

Country-Style Schnitzel “ZAF“ (Zum Alten Fritz)
Schnitzel filled with Bacon* and Spring Onions in a crispy Pretzel Coating, Malt Beer Sauce, Roast Potatoes and Mixed Salad
18,50 € 

Schnitzel with Peppercorn Cream Sauce

with French Fries and Mixed Salad
15,90 €

Wiener Pork-Schnitzel
Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein
with French Fries and Mixed Salad
14,50 €

Löher Schnitzel served in the Pan
Löher Schnitzelpfanne
Pork-Schnitzel gratinated with Tomatoes, Bacon* and Cheese* with Roast Potatoes and Mixed Salad
17,50 € 

Medium Roasted Argentinean Rumpsteak
Rosa gebratenes argentinisches Rumpsteak mit Kräuterbutter
with Herb Butter, Beans* and Roast Potatoes*
24,90 €

Medium Roasted Argentinean Rumpsteak
Rosa gebratenes argentinisches Rumpsteak mit Sauce vom grünen Pfeffer
with Green Pepper Sauce, Croquettes and Mixed Salad
25,50 €

Pike Perch Filet fried on the Skin
Zanderfilet auf der Haut gebraten
Spring Vegetables, Lemon Yoghurt Sauce and potatoe Wedges
21,90 €

Roasted Salmon Steak with Seasoned Olive Oil
Gebratenes Lachssteak mit gewürztem Olivenöl
Black Ribbon Noodles, Almond Broccoli 
21,50 €

Children´s Menu

 „Räuberschnitzel“ with Mixed Salad, Chips, Ketchup or Mayonnaise 7,40 €

 „Kater Tom“ Fish Fingers with Ketchup 6,30 €

 „Bonanza“ Sausages with Ketchup and Chips 6,00 €

 ... every child who has cleaned the plate will receive a portion of ice-cream with whipped cream.

Enjoy the best at the end

... our special recommendation


Warm Chocolate Tartlets
Lauwarmes Schokoladentörtchen
with Vanilla Ice Cream¹
8,50 €

Crème Brulée
Creme Brulée
with Cassis-Sorbet

Ice Cream

Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream¹
Feines Vanilleeis¹
with Hot Raspberries,
Hot Chocolate Sauce
7,00 €

„Alter Fritz“-Sundae
Eisbecher „Alter Fritz“
Cinnamon-, Walnut- and Vanilla Ice Cream¹
with Chocolate Sauce, Nuts and Whipped Cream

Sweet Ice Cream Sundae
2 Scoops of Raspberry-Vanilla Ice Cream and 1 Scoop Yoghurt-Peach Ice Cream
Raspberry Sauce and Whipped Cream plus Chocolate Shavings
7,00 €

Mixed Ice Cream
Gemischtes Eis

Three smalls Scoops¹
- without Whipped Cream 5,00 €
- with Whipped Cream 5,50 €

1 large Scoop of Ice Cream of your Choice 2,80 €
1 große Eiskugel nach Wahl
- with Whipped Cream 3,50 €
- with Chocolate Sauce or Raspberry Sauce 3,80 €

Coppa Stracciatella
Stracciatella Becher
2 Scoops Stracciatella Ice Cream¹ and 1 Scoop Chocolate Ice Cream ¹,
with Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Flakes and Whipped Cream
6,50 €

Mini Ice Cream
Eis Mini
One large Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream¹ with Chocolate Sauce
3,80 €

Cheers on Ice
One Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream¹ with Baileys (Whiskey-Cream-Liqueur)²
4,50 €

Beverages with Ice Cream

Iced Chocolate
Chocolate Drink with Vanilla Ice Cream¹ and Whipped Cream
5,50 €

Labelling of additives for desserts: 1 with dye | 2 with alcohol


* Labelling of additives:

1 with dye | 2 preserved | 3 with antioxidation | 4 contains flavour enhancer | 5 with phosphate | 6 blackened

Cheese: 1,2 | Ham & Bacon: 2,3,4 | Shrimps: 2 | Olives: 2,6 | Roasted Potatoes with Bacon: 2,3,4

Additives in desserts: 1 with dye | 2 with alcohol

A list of allergenic substances can be viewed in the restaurant.

Our prices are final prices including service and value-added tax