We offer delicious dishes using daily delivered fresh products and local ingredients.

Because of the fresh incredients sometimes a dish ist not available. We ask for your understanding.

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday
from 17:00
(Food order
from 17:00 to 20:00)

11:30 till 15:00
16:30 till 21:30
(Food order
from 11:30 to 13:45 and
from 16:30 to 20:00)

Menu “Zum Alten Fritz” Asbach-Löhe

valid from 8 March 2023



Creamy leek soup

Cremige Lauchsuppe

with smoked salmon and croutons

6,50 €


Beef broth with marrow balls

Rinderkraftbrühe mit Markbällchen

and vegetable pieces

6,50 €





Baked mushrooms

Gebackene Champignons

with garlic mayonnaise

8,90 €


Caramelized goat cheese

Karamelisierter Ziegenkäse

with walnuts, maple syrup on leaf salads

10,50 €



Main courses:

Roasted salmon steak with seasoned olive oil

Gebratenes Lachssteak mit gewürztem Olivenöl

Pesto of winter purslane, melted tomatoes, white wine sauce
and fettucine pasta

24,50 €


Pollock loins fried with bacon slices

Seelachs Loins gebraten mit Speck-Scheiben

cream sauerkraut, potatoes, mustard foam

25,00 €


Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon

Schweinefilet im Speckmantel

Creamed savoy cabbage, mashed potatoes and gravy

Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

22,50 €


Rump steak, roasted pink, with pepper sauce

Rumpsteak, rosa gebraten, mit Pfeffersauce

Croquettes and salad

32,00 €


“Fire Eater”
Rump steak gratinated with spicy crust (Pepper, onions, chili, hot bell pepper)

“Feuerschlucker” Rumpsteak mit scharfer Kruste überbacken

Gratin potatoes and salad

Kartoffeln-Hof Ronig/Dattenberg Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

33,00 €


Tender spit roast with onion jus

Zarter Spießbraten mit Zwiebeljus

French fries and salad

19,90 €



Pork cutlet baked with tomatoes , bacon, onions and Hönninger Alm cheese.
Fried potatoes with a blob of Wiersberger herb curd cheese, salad

Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen, Käse/Hof Wäschenbach/Katzwinkel-Hönningen

21,50 €


Schnitzel with pepper sauce

Schnitzel mit Pfeffersauce

with french fries and salad

19,90 €


Beef goulash from Asbach pasture-raised beef

Rindergulasch vom Asbacher Weiderind

refined with root vegetables, mashed potatoes and salad

Hecking Großschlachterei /Neustadt Wied, Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

19,90 €



Keep it light
Salad Bowls & more …

Tagliatelle tossed in arugula pesto and cream

Tagliatelle in Rucola-Pesto und Sahne geschwenkt

with roasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and north german shepherd’s cheese

15,80 €


Salad plate with baked potato Classic

Salatteller mit Ofenkartoffel Classic

sour cream, mixed salad, croutons, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds

14,50 €


Salad plate and baked potato with mediterranean stuffing

Salatteller und Ofenkartoffel mit mediterraner Füllung

Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, arugula pesto,

mixed salad, croutons, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


16,90 €


Salad plate with rump steak, Herb butter

Salatteller mit Rumpsteak

26,50 €


Salad plate with fried salmon, seasoned olive oil

Salatteller mit gebratenem Lachs

20,50 €


Tarte flambée


Bacon, onions, leeks, arugula, sour cream

12,90 €


for in advance or in between

Sweet potato fries with dips

Süßkartoffel-Pommes mit Dips

 … Whole milk yogurt dip, cucumber, chives

 … Curry mayo dip, mustard, lime, curry

4,90 €




Sweet delicacies

… our special recommendation

Creme Brûlée

with raspberry sorbet

8,90 €


Nut cup

Walnut, pistachio and chocolate ice cream

Schokoladensauce und Sahne

9,50 €


… heavenly delicious

1 Scoop raspberry sorbet

topped up with sparkling wine and a shot of Vinn Red (Birkenhof distillery )

6,90 €


Ice cream sundae with a shot

Stracciatella and vanilla ice cream, rum chocolate sauce and cream

8,90 €


Ice cream mini

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (alternatively: chocolate or strawberry)    2,80 €

    – with chocolate sauce                    3,80 €

    – with chocolate sauce and cream    4,20 €

    – with raspberry sauce and cream          4,20 €


Cheers on Ice

1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream with Baileys

5,20 €


Mixed ice cream

3 small scoops of ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

6,50 €

with cream 7,00 €

* Labelling of additives:

1 with dye | 2 preserved | 3 with antioxidation | 4 contains flavour enhancer | 5 with phosphate | 6 blackened

Cheese: 1,2 | Ham & Bacon: 2,3,4 | Shrimps: 2 | Olives: 2,6 | Roasted Potatoes with Bacon: 2,3,4

Additives in desserts: 1 with dye | 2 with alcohol

A list of allergenic substances can be viewed in the restaurant.

Our prices are final prices including service and value-added tax