We offer delicious dishes using daily delivered fresh products and local ingredients.

Because of the fresh incredients sometimes a dish ist not available. We ask for your understanding.

Opening hours

Wednesday till Saturday
from 17.00

11:30 till 15:00
16:30 till 21:30

Menu “Zum Alten Fritz” Asbach-Löhe

valid from 1 August 2022



Cream of tomato soup


with shrimps and tomato pieces

6,50 €



Beef broth with marrow balls

Rinderkraftbrühe mit Markbällchen

and vegetable loins

6,00 €



Baked mushrooms

Gebackene Champignons

with garlic mayonnaise

8,90 €


Baked feta cheese in olive oil

Gebackener Fetakäse in Olivenöl

with onions, peppers, tomatoes, mild pepperonis and herbs

11,90 €


Main courses:

Roasted salmon steak

Gebratenes Lachssteak

on vegetable couscous

23,50 €




Fillets fried

Mashed potato refined with tomato and spicy cucumber salad

22,50 €


Medallions of pork fillet wrapped in bacon

Medaillons vom Schweinefilet im Speck-Mantel

on curried savoy cabbage, mustard seed sauce, mashed potatoes

Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

21,90 €


Country house schnitzel


stuffed with spring onions, tomatoes and bacon

fried in a pretzel breading, malt beer sauce, roast potatoes

Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

20,50 €


Rump steak with herb butter

Rumpsteak mit Kräuterbutter

Bean vegetables with bacon and roast potatoes

Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

29,00 €


Rump steak, roasted pink

Rumpsteak, rosa gebraten

with green pepper sauce, croquettes and salad

30,50 €


Schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce

Schnitzel mit Champignonrahmsauce

with french fries and salad

18,90 €


Beef goulash from Asbach pasture-raised beef

Rindergulasch vom Asbacher Weiderind

refined with root vegetables, mashed potatoes and salad

Hecking Großschlachterei /Neustadt Wied, Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

19,00 €


“Half is better” … our hybrid version

“Half is better” … unsere Hybridversion

1/2 beef goulash 1/2 root vegetables, mashed potatoes and salad

Hecking Großschlachterei /Neustadt Wied, Kartoffelanbau Schuhmacher/St. Katharinen

18,50 €


Tagliatelle in basil cream with roasted pine nuts

Tagliatelle in Basilikumrahm mit gerösteten Pinienkernen

Cherry tomatoes and North German shepherd’s cheese

15,40 €


Classic jacket potato

Ofenkartoffel Classic

with sour cream, small mixed salad,

Croutons, Sonnenblumen und Kürbiskerne

14,50 €


Jacket potato with Mediterranean vegetable couscous

Ofenkartoffel mit mediterranem Gemüse-Couscous

Sour cream, small mixed salad

Croutons, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

16,90 €


Mixed salad plate with turkey breast strips

Bunter Salatteller mit Putenbruststreifen

14,90 €


Mixed salad plate with baked mushrooms

Bunter Salatteller mit gebackenen Champignons

14,90 €


Tarte flambée vegetarian, Mediterranean

Flammkuchen vegetarisch, mediterran

Onions, peppers, courgettes, herbs

13,50 €


Tarte flambée


Bacon, onions, leek, rocket, creme fraiche

12,90 €


Salad plate with rump steak, herb butter

Salatteller mit Rumpsteak

23,90 €


Salad plate with roasted salmon, seasoned olive oil

Salatteller mit gebratenem Lachs

20,00 €



in advance or in between

Sweet potato fries with dips

Süßkartoffel-Pommes mit Dips

 … Whole milk yoghurt dip, cucumber, chives

 … Curry mayo dip, mustard, lime, curry

4,90 €


Sweet delicacies … heavenly tasty

Nougat brittle and coffee caramel ice cream

Nougat-Krokant und Kaffee-Karamell-Eis

Chocolate sauce and cream

7,90 €


Creme Brûlée

with raspberry sorbet

7,50 €


Sundae “Alter Fritz”

Eisbecher “Alter Fritz”

Pistachio, poppy seed marzipan and vanilla ice cream
hot fruits, cream

8,90 €


Lukewarm chocolate cake

Lauwarmer Schokoladenkuchen

with vanilla ice cream

8,50 €


Ice cream mini

1 scoop of ice cream of your choice      2,80 €

    – with chocolate sauce                    3,80 €

    – with chocolate sauce and cream    4,20 €

    – with raspberry sauce and cream    4,20 €


Cheers on Ice

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream with Baileys

4,30 €


Mixed ice cream

3 small scoops of ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

6,50 €

With cream 7,00 €

Nature Enjoyment Country Summer

The Westerwald and the Rhine Valley are summer favourites, because both can show off their charms particularly well. The Nature Enjoyment Country Summer aims to offer summer freshness with nature enjoyment experiences. 

Saltimbocca of turkey

Saltimbocca von der Pute

Filled with Wiedtal ham and sage
served with Herb rice and a mixed salad

21,90 €

Braised ox cheeks

Geschmorte Ochsenbäckchen

with mashed potatoes and beans of kidney, white and
green beans in cream with fresh savory

23,90 €


Pork cutlet with tomatoes , bacon,
onions and Hönninger Almkäse au gratin.
Fried potatoes with a blob of Wiersberger herb curd cheese, salad

19,90 €



… the first forest mushrooms of the year

Chanterelle pasta


Ribbon noodles with parsley, bacon, Italian hard cheese and arugula
provide flavour and summer freshness

17,90 €

Pork medallions with chanterelles in cream

Schweinemedaillons mit Pfifferlingen in Rahm

Fried potatoes and cucumber salad in yoghurt dressing

23,90 €

Pink roasted rump steak with chanterelle cream sauce

Rosa gebratenes Rumpsteak mit Pfifferling-Rahmsauce

Fried potatoes and salad

32,90 €

Westerwald salad


with fried chanterelles and bacon

17,50 €

* Labelling of additives:

1 with dye | 2 preserved | 3 with antioxidation | 4 contains flavour enhancer | 5 with phosphate | 6 blackened

Cheese: 1,2 | Ham & Bacon: 2,3,4 | Shrimps: 2 | Olives: 2,6 | Roasted Potatoes with Bacon: 2,3,4

Additives in desserts: 1 with dye | 2 with alcohol

A list of allergenic substances can be viewed in the restaurant.

Our prices are final prices including service and value-added tax