Karfreitag u. Samstag
von 17:00 Uhr bis 19:30 Uhr

Oster-Sonntag u. Montag mittags
von 11:30 Uhr bis 13:30

Oster-Sonntag u. Montag abends
von 17:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr

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02683 - 7230

Parties and celebrations

Our guests appreciate the atmosphere – welcoming cosiness, typical for the region, and a hospitality coming from the bottom of the heart.


For your event...

Wedding, birthday, baptism or anniversary

Meeting, presentation, bus tours and many more …

We offer rooms for up to 110 persons.


You are welcome to use the terrace and the garden for your event.


We will gladly advise you on the planning of your event and make suggestions for buffets and menus.


Menus and buffets

Traditional 3 course menus ...

Gala menus for special occasions ...

Rustically and country-styled menus and theme buffets ...


Simply call us!